Hi I'm Emil!

I'm a brain for hire (also known as a consultant) for software developing businesses. Half the time I build things, mostly with Javascript and React. The other half I'm helping out with management.

I've a keen interest in systems thinking, skiing, psychology and human behavior, internet of things, scuba diving, user experience, and way too many other things.

I'm also running Bit Up North AB

Public Speaking

NativeScript vs. PhoneGap, React, Titanium, Ionic, etc

Introduction to the different ways of doing mobile development.

What is native, cross compiled, web based and javascript runtime apps and how do the different technologies compare?

Getting started with NativeScript

How can you use NativeScript to build a Native Mobile App in Javascript?

Full tutorial, from an empty .js file to functional RSS reader ready to be deployed to your iOS or Android device. Code available at GitHub

Rapid Frontend Development - For Everyone!

Walkthrough of the tools I developed to ease frontend development in a Liferay environment. This makes advanced frontend development a breeze even for users who haven’t worked with Liferay before.

Presented at Liferay North American Symposium, Boston, USA and at Liferay DevCon Darmstadt, Germany

Webpack 2 vs Browserify, Grunt, Gulp, Rollup

Introduction to Webpack 2, what is it and how does it differ from Browserify, Grunt, Gulp and Rollup?

This is a preamble to the full Webpack 2 tutorial.

Webpack 2 - A full tutorial

What is Webpack and how do we use it to create production ready code and to ease with development. Starting with a blank .js file and ending with a beautiful production ready bundle.

Code and links available at GitHub

How to create productive agile teams in uninhabitable organisations

Lessons learned from working with a university with 13 000 people who all knows best, even when it comes to software development.

Presented at J.Boye Conference Aarhus, Denmark, at Intranätverk, Göteborg, Sweden, and at Kommunikatör i Högskolan, Stockholm, Sweden.

Open Source

Hubot Jira for Slack

This integrations helps you get up to speed with what's happened in the project you're working on.

Just type hubot jira changed in Slack and Hubot will answer with everything which happend in Jira yesterday.

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Liferay React Hello World

Boilerplate for creating React apps in Liferay Digital Experience Platform. Will give you a JAR ready to be deployed in your app server. All the normal stuff works just as it should; styling, URL routing, hot module replacement and all the other goodies.

Battle tested in large enterprise conditions.

Markdown Styleguide Generator

Use simple Markdown comments in your (s)css and let the generator create a styleguide for you. The styleguide will always tell the truth.

One of the few, if not the only styleguide generator, which is actually *live* as it will always use the current style of the site and not the style as it looked when the generator ran.


Region Västra Götaland, VGR, estimates that they're paying 80 million SEK yearly because of prescribing the wrong drugs.

This iOS and Android app help their medical professionals to prescribe the right drugs.

Done as consultant work, but VGR loves to open source their things (yay!).

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Liferay DDM Tool

Very specialized tool for everyone working with Liferay.

Instead of having to manage structures and templates in the GUI in your browser, this command line to helps you for author, upload, download and sync Liferay DDM related stuff across environments.

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Internet of
Things Things

My home is my laboratory and I'm connecting way to many things to the internet. The plants tell me when they need water, the lights can be controlled from half way around the world (the necessity of this is still pending) and my morning music plays automagically.

Raspberry Pi's and Arduinos are running the show and the dispatcher is Node-RED. I've built a few modules myself. Take a look at them!

Node-RED Mopidy

This module enables you to control your Mopidy servers from Node-RED. This means that you - from Node-RED - can play all kinds of music, be it files on disk or streamed from Spotify, SoundCloud, Google Play Music or others.

Node-RED Tellstick

Remote control everything!

Send data to a Tellstick, e.g. turning a lamp on, and receive data, e.g from a remote control or a temperature sensor.

Node-RED Advanced Ping

Pings a remote server. Combine it with Node-RED Tellstick and you can start the disco lights if your servers are down!

Node-RED File Function

Help when developing for Node RED. Instead of having to write your Javascript code in a small textfield in your browser you can use your favorite editor/IDE.